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Stovebolterfest 2002


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Photo Submissions -- Meet der Photo Fuhrer! -- Introduction

And without further ado, here they are --

The Winners' Submissions

1st Place

"Mind the buzztails on yer way out to look it over. "

Submitted by Brent Gordon
Seattle, Wa


$100 Gift Certificate, t-shirt and cap from American Classic

$25 Gift Certificate from the Eastwood Company

2nd Place


"The Last Load"

Submitted by Rrichard Scott
Covington, Washington


T-shirt and cap fro American Classic Truck Parts

Aerosol treatment from Zero-Rust

Full color limited edition print from The Toon Man

3rd Place


"Still hard at work"

Submitted by Tom Beasley
Hudson, Oh


T-shirt and cap from American Classic Truck Parts

License Plate Restoration from MoJo Artworks

Cigars from Rugo's Fine Cigars

The People's Choice

"Store in Cool Dry Area"

Submitted by Michael "Jolly" Goodfellow


T-shit and cap from American Classic Truck Parts

Subscription to Vintage Truck Magazine and 2003 Scale Model Chevy Truck from Vintage Truck/Antique Power

Stovebolterfest Stein from The Stovebolt Page e-store


The Submissions   

"It ran when I bought it"

Submitted by Ken Fredrickson
West Valley City Utah

"Beware ... Student Driver"

Submitted by Joe Mendola,

"I know I parked it somewhere around here."

Submitted by Cletis

"Ran When Parked - Engine removed after it was parked"

Submitted by Rob
"Old Car Kook"

"California rust free truck. Few parts missing."

Submitted by Christopher Brix

"A White at the end of the Tunnel"

Submitted by Skip Whitfield

"How Sad, Nothing Left to Haul"

Submitted by Rob Butler
The "Toon Man"

"For sale 1942 Chev. truck. Running when parked. Some assembly needed."

Submitted by Bob Adams
OLD 42

"I think I need another beer"

Submitted by Cal Owens
North Bonneville, WA

"Bought it from the original owner, with documentation ... the old timer hated to get rid of it"

Submitted by Jerry Drenzek
Macomb, MI

"But I thought I got rid of that '49 GMC years ago, Honey!"

Submitted by Andy Siechen

" 'Apart from being burnt and shot at, it did run just fine,' said the farmer! "

Submitted by Jim Hawkes
Outback NSW, Australia

"The trucks for sale are parked out back by the rock wall"

Submitted by Dan McConnell
Evergreen, CO

" '54 Chevy inline 6 runs good (having an out-of-body experience) "

Submitted by Dean Meltz


Submitted by Gary Lewis

"WOW!! Gotta cigarette dude?"

Submitted by Robert Davidson
Seattle, WA

"Swap meet bargain"

Submitted by Rick Rickard
Rio Linda, CA

"School bus for sale, handles large children."

Submitted by Scott "Light Holder" Zimmerman
Mesa, Arizona

"Two for the price of one. This week only!"

Submitted by Jim Droge

"Calvin says, 'It's gotta little surface rust.' "

Submitted by Bob Black

"Now I know why I hate jigsaw puzzels so much."

Submitted by Ron Raatz

"How long was I asleep under that tree???"

Submitted by Sam Reed

"It served "US" well."

Submitted by Kelly Lewis
Sandy, Utah

"D. I. Y Quadra-Steer"

Submitted by Todd Collins


"Got Tires?"

Submitted by Luke Kenyon


"On the go"

Submitted by P-Wee
"Old Car Kook"


This is not a contest photo submission. It just so happened that we got a request to help identify this abandoned old Chevy! Ha, are we good at that or what? So, since the timing was perfect, we thought we'd add it here to the It Ran pile. If you'd like to respond, please contact Judy McHale (researcher for author Gary Ferguson, Nature Writer, Lecturer, & Public Speaker - "to help identify an old abandoned Chevy. This is for a National Geographic book."

Cool, eh?

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