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Stovebolterfest 2002


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Photo Submissions -- Introduction

       Because Stovebolters, in the aggregate, present a vast panoply of divers backgrounds, skills and interests (some even include old trucks), we at The Stovebolt Page World Headquarters donned our lederhosen and knapsacks (folleree!!) and hiked the Alps (Folleraa!!), Pyrenees, Himalayas, Apalachians and the Rockies to find the very best in this year's photo judging Talent. We came up with nix. So we went to the Piedmonts, and even the Andes. Still nada. Finally (aren't you glad?) we followed in the steps of John Stark and Ethan Allan and went to the Green Mountains of Vermont (moooooo) and lo and behold (verily, I say), there he was slaving over next year's Abandoned Truck calendar like a Brewmeister carefully crafting his next batch of Ocktoberfest biere!

       A really, really big Welcome (a big welcome, get it?) to our esteemed judge, straight from the rolling hills of the Green Mountain State of Vermont!


Richard Lentinello
       Editor for the Hemmings Motor News' Calendars ... what more do we need to say ... hmmmm?

       The folks at Hemmings have been super to participate every year in our contest by donating four Abandoned Truck calendars for our winners.

       So, I think it's safe to say, Mr. Lentinello knows an It-Ran-When-I-Parked-It winner when he sees one.

       Editors are very keen and selective that way ...(John said that, not Peggy!)


       Okay, okay -- enough schmoozing with the judge -- GET BACK TO WORK!

Photo Submissions || Introduction

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