Peggy and I had talked about coming up for something for the softer side of the bolt to do other than truck show stuff as you know we have a lot going on at the park but having something they find fun to do might be the difference for a bolter getting their wife/significant other to come and go to the reunion with them.
So who want's to do some shopping? RSVP here in this thread so we can see if there is some interest if there is then we'll see what we can put together. I also have a friend that just got a new 15 passenger van for his Daycare business that if there is interest I might be able to get him to drive the group for a minor fee once again depending on interest. So like our other running threads here please post how many people would be in your party and if they would want to drive themselves or take the Shop-Off Shuttle.

My thought is to make this a 8:00-12:00 (or 1:00 maybe tour) here's my off the top of my head itinerary.

You'll begin at a place that our club had our June meeting. Bitterman's Eye Candy, The Bitterman's started out in the candy business years and years ago and recently opened their first retail location in years which is half vintage candy store and half Vintage Market, the Bitterman's are great folks and good friends of our club President Gaileen. My hope would be to convince them to open up early that day so you guys could start out there.

The next stop would be The Urban Mine! Another vintage Market in midtown Kansas City that always has some of the coolest stuff. When your there be sure to check out the Lustron Sign I built for my buddy that hangs above his booths.

And to finish the trip up you guy's will end up in the historic Kansas City West Bottoms which is packed with Vintage Markets. My concern is getting you all back by Sunday so that you can head home!

Let me know if there is interest in this if only a little interest I'll be happy to provide maps so the few can do a self guided tour of the places mentioned.


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