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Welcome to the forum for general pre-'87 Chevrolet/GMC truck-related topics. General Truck topics being anything truck related, that is not already covered elsewhere on the forum. Before posting a new topic, please make sure your topic isn't better suited for one of the more specific topic forums [] -- thanks! If you post a topic in here that might be better suited to another forum, we may move it there. Please, no flaming, advertising or anything else not directly related to the care, restoration, preservation or use of pre-1973 GM trucks! Any and all "Off-Topic" discussions go in the Greasy Spoon Forum! []

General Truck topics, including, but not limited to:

wiper blades
Heaters (may be better suited for Interiors forum)
Towing topics other than electrical related
Updates on your project progress
... and more.

Sometimes items posted in General Truck that normally would be moved are left in General Truck because the subject would be of interest to all members. Sometimes items normally discussed in General Truck Talk would be better served in a different forum and the Moderator will move it.

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All about Photos, here at the 'bolt.

How to post photos on the Stovebolt site [] a how to thread by Tiny. UPDATED 2/2018

Posting photos on is now easier than ever. Read all about it in the left margin of every page.
With the activation of the new photo posting feature in the various forums, here are the guidelines for posting in General Truck Talk. Photos are welcome if they will clarify or enhance the thread.
Photos of “hey I saw this truck” will be allowed as long as the truck is GM and not for sale. Please post ALL information you have about the photo. Once the Moderator checks the photos for appropriate content the thread will be locked. GTT is not for idle chitchat.
For sale truck photos belong in the Stovebolt Spotting Alert Network forum.

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A few rules and guidelines.

Writing your subject line.

The best way to get an answer here on the 'bolt is to ask a good and specific question. Why? Well, because some folks know a lot about a specific model & make of truck... and others know about a certain body style. Generally speaking, only the retired mechanics know a lot about many different body styles and makes.

For instance, if a user wanted to ask a question about wheels for a 1965 Chevy truck, it would help the 'bolter to put this specific information in the topic, like :

Example Subject : 1965 Chevy C10 - 6 lug wheel options?

This gives the year model(1965), the make(Chevy), and the ton rating(c10 = half ton, 2 wheel drive truck) and states that it has the original to this truck, 6 lug bolt pattern setup.

This lets the people that know about wheels for this era of truck, to see roughly what he is looking for. If they see the post, they will be more inclined to click on it to read the specifics.

Then within the post they can be more specific about what type of information about wheels for his truck he is inquiring about:

example : I am curious about the options available for wheels on a 1965 Chevrolet C10 pickup, with the original 6 lug wheels. What sizes were available from the factory? What other year models fit? What aftermarket, old or new are available?

The people with this information can then make replies answering the questions or informing him where to go to look it up to read more about it. This may include referencing sections of various manuals, catalogs, other websites, tech articles, books or even posting links to existing threads here in the forums.

Occasionally we will read a post and see that a post might have a chance at a better response if we tweak the subject a little bit. This is the main reason a subject or post is edited.

No Strong Language.

Please mind your manners, strong language will be edited out on a first offense that we are informed about. From then on your post/thread will just be deleted. People of all ages & backgrounds visit this forum, including kids working on old trucks with folks in their family. The owners wish to maintain an friendly and courteous environment where everyone is welcome to discuss trucks in a positive and helpful manner. If you become aware of offensive language in a post click on the “Report” button at the upper right of the post.

No Double Posting.

Double posting is when you make the same post, looking for information in different areas. It is also when you make a post in one area, then make another post in a different section, trying to get more people to look at the original post. These posts will be deleted or locked down. Repeated abuse may result in being temporarily or permanently banned from the forums. If you notice double posting click on the “Report” button at the upper right of the post.

Lost Title, Missing VIN, registration problems, etc..

The Stovebolt page does not condone or allow people to engage in fraudulent and illegal activity of any kind. This includes illegal or questionable activities related to old titles of vehicles and Vehicle Identification Numbers(VIN). If you have an issue with your vehicles title, VIN or registration problems, we suggest contacting an attorney in your area to help you or contact your State’s Department of Motor Vehicles. They, after all, are the experts on the subject. We also suggest you do this BEFORE you fix up or restore your truck! Any posts related to swapping VIN's (which is highly illegal) between vehicles or playing fast and loose with titles, will be locked down or deleted.

If you are in the United States, you can visit the SEMA SAN site, under Resources and Titling & Registration for helpful information about going through the process for your State. It is a good place to get started.


Trucks for sale, Trucks Wanted, Parts for sale or Parts Wanted

Any 'for sale' or 'want to buy' ads for trucks or parts, should go in the appropriate Swap Meet [] section. Any ads looking for parts or selling parts in General Truck will be deleted. Also, any posts that are a thinly disguised attempt at selling parts in General Truck will be edited, locked down or deleted entirely. If you find “For Sale” ads outside of the Swap Meet Forum click on the “Report” button at the upper right of the post. ALL For Sale ads MUST include a price. If you don’t post a price you will be warned once and then the ad will be deleted.

Tech Tips

The Tech Tips [] are various how to articles or background information items on old truck things. They were written by other Stovebolters to share. Lots of good stuff in there, go explore.

I saw this neat truck/part/doodad on eBay or craigslist...

Any and all Craigslist including Canadian versions or eBay related links should be posted here this also includes any and all auction links.

eBay and Craiglists links []

If any eBay or Craigslist ads are posted in General Truck they will be deleted or moved to the area above, solely dependent on the level of the transgression and the mood of the moderators.

Old GM trucks you find for sale, other than eBay & craigslist

Stovebolt Spotting Alert Network []

This forum is for posting random trucks you may find for sale in your area, that someone on the 'bolt might have an interest in.

Car shows or other events local to you

Any event local to you involving old GM trucks, that you wish to share, should be posted in the appropriate forum, here:

The Side Lot []

A few guidelines to keep in mind about General Truck.

If a post does not involve a Chevrolet/GMC truck made before 1987 or a relevant component of these kinds of trucks, the post will be deleted.

If you just can’t restrain yourself from posting a question about a CAR, please post those questions in The Greasy Spoon.

If the post would find a better response in another specific, already existing forum, it will be moved to that forum.

Any inflammatory posts will be locked down or deleted -- solely at the discretion of the moderator/Admins.

No Political posts. The only exception to this rule is a notification of legislation that may affect all of us as owners of antique vehicles whether on the state or federal level. Please ask the moderator or the admins before posting such a notice. If such a post is made, please stick to the facts. It would also be helpful if you provided a contact list of representatives to get in touch with to express our views.

Thank you very much,

cletis [],

your friendly volunteer General Truck moderator.
NOTE: Cletis passed away in 2017. His duties are now handled by Justhorsenround who wholeheartedly believes in the policies Cletis/John established.

Last Edit to this document or update of the posting policies relevant to the General Truck forum: 12/21/2018

If you have an issue with how the General Truck forum is run, you may take it up with the Staff & Editors, here:

The Stovebolt Staff []

The Founders/Editors/Owners of
John and Peggy Milliman

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