Soooooooooo .... you've gotten into an old truck project and you're wondering about the titling and registration process...

Maybe you have a truck with no title ...
Maybe you have a title, but no VIN plate ...

Maybe you have a parts truck with a better cab and a title ...

Maybe you have this .... maybe you have that .... maybe you have some other permutation of the "I have something other than a good truck with a good title with a good VIN plate" scenario ....

Welcome to the antique truck hobby!!

This topic gets really complicated really fast and *all* we can do for you is share *possibly* interesting (not likely ...) and *possibly* entertaining (Good luck on THAT one ...) personal anecdotes of our own painful journies down this rocky road, but ... the painful *reality* is this ...

We can't help you with this one. Sorry!

There are so many variables to this one (state to state, country to country), with painful consequences of getting it wrong, that this is a journey to your local or state Department of Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicle Administration (or whatever they call it in your state, province or whatever) office that you must take alone. The *only* useful and authoritative information you will receive is from them.

We'll cry with you, laugh with (or at) you wink and share your pain. But for real help, you must talk to your state DMV.

Remember ... when dealing with petty government gatekeepers...

A -- Be nice and humble!
B -- THEY control the process and will determine how painful it will be. Help them decide to make it less painful. Be the light that brightens someone else's dark day.
C -- Not all government employees are petty, gatekeeping bureaucrats. Assume they are nice and good to work with from the beginning. And even if they aren't, pretend they are and keep going. They may be that way to everyone ... wink
D -- Do your homework and have as much information available as you can to answer their questions. Honesty and forthrightness will go far! They're probably not used to that ...

Good luck!!!

But you say, "Yeah ... but ...!"

NO!!!! There is no "yeah but" to this one. CALL YOUR DMV.

The End.



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