1936 1-1/2 Ton (RD) Stake Body Original

I bought my truck on eBay in about 2006. It was a Kansas farm truck. It was still wearing its Kansas license tag from 1976 under a more modern Kansas Historical tag.

This Big Bolt had a 157 inch wheelbase, dual wheel, cab and chassis with the remains of a 12 foot farm dump body.

The seller had a trip planned that brought the truck to Kansas City. That shortened my trip from 400 miles, one way, to 125 miles, one way. Well worth the $100.00 he asked.

The truck had not run for several years but started with minimal fussing. A valve job was in order to get it running properly.

I originally bought the truck to pull my 1936, 20 foot Fruehauf semi-trailer. I cut 26 inches from the frame to match the 131 inch wheelbase Series RB trucks from 1936.

I mounted the fifth wheel and pulled the trailer to a few events over the next couple of years.

I knew I would use the truck more if it was fitted with a platform bed. I located a suitable candidate in St. Louis and began restoring it. I was stalled on the project when an ad popped up in Generator and Distributor, the magazine of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America. The ad showed a factory original Chevrolet 9 ft. platform bed. The seller sent me some pictures and I knew it was the bed for me. Not only was it the right bed, its LOOK was a perfect match for my un-restored truck.

A short trip from Missouri to Western New York and the bed was mine.

The truck has

  • new wiring
  • new tires
  • 2 NOS wheels
  • king pins
  • steering gear rebuild
  • brake rebuild, including NOS parking brake cables
  • NOS temp gauge
  • seat re-upholstered
  • clutch re-build
  • all new spring shackles and pins, front and rear
  • new gear type oil pump
  • new water pump
  • original tail lamp(s) converted to LED
  • rebuilt generator.

The truck has correct 1936 Chevy heater, new glass, new glass channel.

I have collected several original tools, including the jack and handle, tire pump, and most or all of the hand tools. I found and installed a genuine accessory tow ring for the rear crossmember. I have an original governor, Safetylight, roof vent, Eagle Radiator Cap for later installation.

I drive the truck a lot for errands and fun.
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1936 1-1/2 Ton (RD) Stake Body Original
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