1936 1-1/2 Ton (RD) Stake Body Original

I bought my truck on eBay in about 2006. It was a Kansas farm truck. It was still wearing its Kansas license tag from 1976 under a more modern Kansas Historical tag. It was a 157 inch wheelbase dual wheel cab and chassis with the remains of a 12 foot farm dump body. The seller had a trip planned that brought the truck to Kansas City. The shortened my trip from 400 miles, one way, to 125 miles, one way. Well worth the $100.00 he asked.
The truck had not run for several years but started with minimal fussing. A valve job was in order to get it running properly.
I originally bought it to pull my 1936, 20 ft. Fruehauf semi trailer. I cut 26 inches from the frame to match the 131 inch wheelbase Series RB trucks from 1936. I mounted the fifth wheel and pulled the trailer to a few events over the next couple of years.
I knew I would use the truck more if it was fitted with a platform bet. I located a suitable candidate in St. Louis and began restoring it. I was stalled on the project when an ad popped up in the Generator and Distributor, the magazine of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America. It was a factory original Chevrolet 9 ft. platform bed. The seller sent me some pictures and I knew it was the bed for me. Not only was it the right bed, Its LOOK was a perfect match for my unrestored truck.
A short trip from Missouri to Western New York and the bed was mine.
The truck has new wiring, new tires, 2 NOS wheels, king pins, steering gear rebuild, brake rebuild, including NOS parking brake cables, NOS temp gauge, seat re-upholstered, clutch re-build, all new spring shackles and pins, front and rear, new gear type oil pump, new water pump, original tail lamp(s) converted to LED. rebuilt generator. Correct 1936 Chevy heater, new glass, new glass channel. I have collected several original tools, including the jack and handle, tire pump, and most or all of the hand tools. I found and installed a genuine accessory tow ring for the rear crossmember. I have an original governor, Safetylight, roof vent, Eagle Radiator Cap for later installation.
I drive the truck a lot for errands and fun.

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