Horn wire replacement
by Fred T
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          "Can anyone tell me where the horn wire is supposed to go on my '46. Does it run down the inside of the steering column like the older trucks or does it attach to the outside somehow? All I have right now is the steering wheel and the nut that holds it on. No horn button, spring, or anything else. What do I need to do to get a horn?"

        Your horn wire should run through the steering column and solder to the steering mast bearing, which is hard to remove without destroying. I ended up drilling holes in the insulator and putting in sheet metal screws to remove my bearing. Check the Lots' O Links page for parts dealers that sell the bearing with a wire attached.

        It's really not that difficult. Pull the wheel, drive three screws in the mast bearing to pry it out. Then fish a wire up the column and pull the new wire down. Tap the new bearing into place and replace the steering wheel -- An evening job. And while you have the wheel off, take it to the sink and give it a good cleaning. And it beats having to reach through the wheel to honk that old horn. The hardest part was getting the bracket off the column where the wire goes through, I ended up grinding the screw head off and putting in a grommet from the hardware store.

        By carefully prying, I was able to get the original mast bearing out ... but what a wasted effort. The new bearings are inexpensive and well made.

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