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The School Bus
By Lou MacMillan


A Stovebolt History Lesson:

Ride the bus

     All school busses are built on commercial chassis shipped to different body makers. School busses are still made this way today. Autos used to be made this way.

     The brown '37 Chev/Superior below has an 131" WB (SB) chassis making it an easy bus to parallel park, to the terror of the sports car owner behind me. I drove it to Spokane for the Antique Truck Historical Society show in 1995. It has camper equipment inside and saved a bit in hotel fees at the event.

     This photo was taken while both busses were being used as guard houses at Xmas tree lots. The green Chev/Crown is on a 157" wheel base (SD) chassis and a new cowl has been welded over the original for a smoother body. School bus brochure for '37 Chev School Bus Bodies below shows the 157" WB Superior body that I modified to look closer to my bus with the 131" WB.


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