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Easy belt replacement

By Myron

Get Belted!   

    Howziit guys!

    Measuring for a new belt for a newly-installed PS pump/alternator/compressor can be a hit-and-miss effort. Here's a new trick I figured out recently.

    It helps if you start with a longer original belt, and are measuring for a shorter belt (with the same vee-belt angle). Cut the belt, so you can make your adjustments. After wrapping the temporary belt around the correct pulleys, lock in your adjusting bolts.

    Then, using two tie-straps where the belt end overlaps, tighten both belt and straps as tight as possible. (Make sure you triple-wrap both tie-straps onto the belt -- that way, you can cut and re-use the straps, in case your calculations were a little off.)

    After you've double-checked and re-adjusted belt tension, trim the long end, with maybe a 1" tail. Remove belt, and boogey down to the parts shop for an exact replacement.

    In a pinch, you can DRIVE your car down, then remove the belt for parts shop comparison. ANNNNDD, you can use it as an emergency spare belt.

    I hope this helps someone.

    aka "5-7heaven"

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