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1955 GMC COE

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03 February 2006

      This GMC COE has gone to junk and parts. The picture's still good, but there is no such truck now.

G.L. Grumpy's
Old Iron Ranch
"GL Perry"
Bolter # 47
Huntington, Indiana

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From Gary:

     Here's my latest submission for the It Ran When I Parked It 2 Contest. It's a '55 GMC COE first series with a 302 engine I hope to save. Gives me better passenger door, fender, and steps for my '50 Chevy COE.

     I'm going to try and use the GMC body and engine and the frame (short) from my '50 Chevy to make one truck. GMC has some different things on their trucks. The shift lever comes up between the seats and no linkage like the Chev's have. Dash is quite different also.

     This was originally a car-hauler tractor and has the air brake trailer valves still on it. It was lengthened for farm use later. The wheels were 6 to 8" in ground! Had to dig out and pull ahead, wheels rolling, and fill five tires with air. When I got home, the valve to the 2-speed rear was switched and vacuum sound came out. Two or three times I did that! I wonder how long all that was being held in???

Gary Perry
"GL Perry "
Bolter # 47
Huntington, Indiana

1954 Chevy 2-ton (driver)
1950 Chevy COE (project)
1955 GMC COE (project)
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