Gary "GL" Perry's

1950 Chevy COE

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03 February 2006

      This COE dump has long gone to junk and parts. The picture's still good, but there is no such truck now.

G.L. Grumpy's
Old Iron Ranch
"GL Perry"
Bolter # 47
Huntington, Indiana

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May 2000

From the "G" man himself:

     I just bought a '50 COE Chevy short wheelbase, 8ft. dump, no plugs in engine, may be stuck. Too hard to get at something to try and turn. Hooked up battery and didn't turn, but made a noise! I'll pull clutch cover and try to turn there. I may put more modern axles under it, maybe even 1-ton dually type or 4 x 4 (yeah! Neat!) just for parts and brakes, wheels easier to find.

      I gave $400 for it, not too bad even tho it needs total rebuild.

      I'm going to put a flatbed on it, instead of original (shot). It does dump OK. Tried that with my drill running pump. Hope to send pix if I can figure out how again.

"G Man"

Gary Perry
"GL Perry "
Bolter # 47
Huntington, Indiana

1954 Chevy 2-ton (driver)
1950 Chevy COE (project)
1955 GMC COE (project)
MM Jet Star 3 Super (tractor)

      This is the "G-man's" second entry to the Virtual Garage. ~~ Editor

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