Joy Pascarella's

1951 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

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January 2008 Update

          We no longer own the 1951 truck. We sold it and sent it to Holland! Here is a picture of it when it got to it's new home in Holland. We also sold the 1945 2-ton and it went to Canada. So now I own and drive the 1950. Tony still owns the 1937.


Joy Pascarella
Bolter # 287
Ontario, New York

June 2004

          Tony and Joy drove down from Webster, New Yak to visit Stovebolt Headquarters. The '51 made the 11-hour trip just fine. It was a pleasure to actually meet Tony and Joy after all these years we've known them through the site.

Tony and Joy are in the cream-colored '51 (sweet truck!) and Peggy is in the red '49 (John is taking the picture).
Getting ready to cruise around and draw some attention!

From: Joy,

          I got this truck from my husband when he wanted to buy another truck. It was a pleasure to take over. We did a complete frameoff, rebuilding everything. I stripped off layers of paint which helped a lot. It had buckets of sand and dirt in every nook and cranny. With no motor to begin with, we found a 235 engine, rebuilt it and added an '81 Blazer rear axle with 3.40 gears for better highway ride. [ driver's side view ]

          We put lots of miles on these last three summers going to club meets pulling our Scotty camper. We have fun working together towards one goal .... own as many old Chevy trucks as possible. Even if you give up luxuries like: dishwashers, clothesdryers, cable T.V. and nice clothes. Ha Ha. It's all worth it!

          As a matter of fact, we have a '45 Chevy 1/2-ton and a '37 Chevy 1/2-ton. (And as of July 2004, Tony has a '37 Chevy 1/2-ton ~ Editor.)

          Tony and Joy have been helpful volunteers on The Stovebolt Page. Tony was the co-moderator for the OLD Lounge and Joy was the Siren of the Swap Meet. Currently, she's part of the Welcoming Committe at the Welcome Centre.

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