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A Cool Old Truck

Joy Pascarella's

1945 2-Ton Chevy

January 2008 Update

          We no longer own the '51 truck (that white one that we drove to your house). It was sold and sent to Holland! We sold the 1945 2-ton and it went to Canada. So now I own and drive the '50. Tony still owns the 1937.

Joy Pascarella
Bolter # 287
Ontario, New York [an error occurred while processing this directive]

03 July 04

Update from Joy:

          Well, we painted our '45 with oil paint, a brush and roller. Looks good to me. My husband says it's a 5 footer -- looks great from 5 feet. Put the duals on the back, so I had to use some suspect tires on the front. Got 10 feet from the barn --BABOOM -- the front left tire blew out at 2 mph. Lucky, I didn't roll over. The old tire was so hard that it didn't go flat like a normal tire. I called Tony over and told him the old truck backfired. He said you got a blow out honey. All I could say was DUH.

          Two new tires are now mounted on the front rims. I will nag Tony 'til he fixes the brakes so we can drive the '45 to the local cruise night.

          I cant wait to park a REAL truck next to the plastic hot rods.

          Tony and Joy are helpful volunteers on The Stovebolt Page. Tony is the co-moderator for the Lounge and Joy is the Siren of the Swap Meet

09 May 2000

From: Joy,

Eric's           We found a spot in the tractor shed to fill. So we started looking last year for a 1 1/2-ton ttruck. We took tons a rides looking all over the area, but found nothing. Meanwhile we got our new computer and the first thing we looked for were old trucks and the sites. Stovebolt was one of our first!! (Ya-hoo -- editor!) Guess what, our truck was right around the corner, only 30 miles away, but found through The Stovebolt pages!!!

          I had to have it. Brought it home in the worst thunderstorm that I can remember. How exciting!

          It is a ton and a half, short wheel base, with a dump flat bed. It appears to have the original engine that still runs well. My husband cleaned out the radiator and now it doesn't overheat like it use to. The brakes are the next job. I still give the grandchildren a ride around the yard, one on my lap and the rest bouncing to the roof! We love it.

          There is nothing better then the smell of the old trucks when you climb up and seat yourself behind that big old playful wheel! This summer I will put my produce that I grow and the back and pull it out to the road to sell the stuff. It should bring attention to the produce, don't you think!!

(Oh, yea! On the old '39/Gumby, we have the Stovebolt Page web address on the wooden sides and it naturally drew attention -- then biz, too! - ed.)

P.S. -- Joy and Tony also have a '51 Chevy pickup and a '37 1/2-ton. And as of July 2004, Tony has a '50 1/2-ton ~~ Editor

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