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1952 Chevy Panel

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Come to our Southern Stovebolters Reunion

June 11, 2011

Contact Alvin for details
or read about it in the Events Forum.

Southern Stovebolters gather in 2008

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Alvin Parris
Bolter # 1783
Boiling Springs, South Carolina

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11 April 2011 Update
# 1651

More pictures of my old Panel truck

From Alvin :

Hey guys! Lots of you have asked how the panel project is going. I'm not finished yet. I still have the inside to do but that's easy compared to what's been done.

So, I thought you'd like to see what my "retirement" time is spent doing besides eating biscuits at Hardee's.

There are a lot more pictures in my Photobucket link above. The most recent pictures are on the last pages.

We should be riding before the summer is over.

I have updated shots with the grille, bumper, valance, parking lights and the HOOD ... yippeeee. Got it off the floor after two years or walking around it (and none of the grandkids stepping on it!).

The hood is in need of adjustment. I'm dreading it and decided to take a day ... or two off. I've read the posts and the tech tips but it sure looks like it's got a loong way to go. And loosening the hinges inside it, it will only move so far .... so where does the adjustment really come from??

I've got some ideas for some additional pain "themes" -- like the CHIPMUNKS. The back splash bars look grey in the picture but they are actually powdered coated a cream color. I was unsure about them and will wait a while to judge it. If anything, I will go back and paint them the body color .... I think!

When I purchased the panel, the front end had been totally taken off. I can't say for sure about the hood but I believe it had been moved, too. I did scribe around them but in the end it wasn't deep enough. I learned here, after the fact, to drill and put in a little roll pin! I might add that yes, as it sits now, the front of the hood barely touches the top grille bar but once the back goes down I think it'll be alright.

In all truth, the front of the hood, from side to side, is pretty dang good where it fits down in the fenders. I have left the latch panel off for now until get the hood set. I am going back and re-read the tips on it and I have some topics that I printed out some time ago knowing dang well I'd need them.

So, for the next day or two, Leo and I smile are going to think about it and then proceed very carefully. Thanks for your comments guys and for your help and inspiration. I'd probably have given up on this one a long time ago but didn't want you guys calling me a quieter!

If all goes well, we'll bring her to the Stovebolt Reunion in Kansas City in September. That's a great time, great folks and good trucks. Just can't get any better.

And don't forget for now, we have our Southern Stovebolters Reunion scheduled for June 11 in Boiling Springs, NC. Read all about it here!


03 January 2009 Update
# 1651

From Alvin :

Thought you may be interested in the progress on my Advance Design Panel truck.

The Panel is coming along and the guy is really spending some time on it. We should be rolling the chassis under the body in another week. Lots of metal has been cut out and replaced.

Just recently, the body man told me he has the doors on for prefitting. All is looking good except the rear doors which he said he had to practically cut one in two to get it to line up at the bottom body lines.

This guy has really put me to work trying to get all the little things done. So far so good but still much to do.

It should be more fun now as most of the "grunt" work is done.

Here is the link to pictures!


Come to our Southern Stovebolters Reunion

05 September 2006
# 1651

From Alvin :

           Purchased this 1952 Panel last September but didn't dare put it in the Gallery until I at least got to start on it. Here it is, almost one year later and I finally got it in the shop.

           The front sheet metal is off, engine and tranny out and now waiting to get the body off the chassis. So far I have the two fenders blasted and at the body shop, one door gone and two nice (suppose to be) doors that should be here soon.

           I pulled this panel from Orlando, Florida but it spent its time in Fonda, Iowa as an Ace Hardware delivery truck with the four digit phone number on the door. On the side it appears that it also spent some time as a Fina service station truck.

           I've got a 6 cyl and a V8. I think I'm going V8 and I already have a '55 1/2- ton pumpkin to replace the torque tube.

           As we all know pictures are deceiving and as I tore it down, I thought the same as when I did my '37 .... oh my, what have I gotten into.

           Nevertheless, I will get it done .... I will get it done ... I will get it done .....

Alvin Parris

           Oh, Alvin will get it done alright. Check out the '37 Chevy 1/2-Ton!! ~~ Editor


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