Alvin Parris'

1937 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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19 May 2001

From Alvin

           Here's a picture of my '37 Chevy 1/2-ton pickup. I hope you will share these with the rest of the hobbyists to show their dreams can come true.

          This was a frame-off job and built to drive and enjoy. My special thanks go to my friend Jim May of Minnesota and Al Lopez in Arizona. It was their help and encouragement that kept me going during the down times. A very special thanks to my late brother, Wayne Parris of Parris Automotive (Parris Racing Engines) for building the engine just before a fatal accident (it runs so sweet, Big Brother). And a special thanks to my nephew, Lester Parris. After a bad accident, he kept the project moving; and to his young son, Brandon, who is the next generation of Stovebolters. (Ohhh, we all like to here that! ~~ Editor)

           This truck has a 350/350 eng/trans with a Malibu rear end, Mustang front suspension and a Buick steering wheel! Somehow it all worked when I hit the switch. It's a joy to drive and see all the interest and "thumbs up" and oooooh, the rumble of 2" straight pipes!

           I tried to keep the truck looking like a true '37 inside and out which it does except for the wheels. The tilt wheel is all that gives it away inside as I used the original seats and all the original gauges. (The oil gauge is double the reading due to the V/8.)

           Even though I have a 1-1/2-ton '37 big truck, my next project is sitting on the trailer. A 1940 2-door sedan. This hobby must be a disease.

           Thanks for the great site to share our projects.

Alvin Parris
Bolter # 1925
Boiling Springs, South Carolina

           In September 2005, Alvin brought home a 1952 Chevy Panel ~~ Editor

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