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1963 Ford Pickup

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16 October 2005

From Dakota:

       This is a 1963 F100. Here it is, October 2005. My Dad passed away back in 2000 and we have not moved the truck since we brought it home in 2001. Here is the story.

       My Dad used the truck to work out on the farm back in the '80's after he retired from the John Deere. By the time the '90's came around, it was in pretty bad shape -- mounts broken, dents, scratches -- you name it. The regular "farm truck syndrome."

       I told my Dad back in '95 that I needed to use his truck for the summer to haul wood for the winter since my truck was broke ... ha ha. Anyway, we went back and picked it up on a trailer and got it home. The work started and we had to have it done in four months. We took it down to the frame and with the help of another donor truck, we were on our way to a rebuild. First the engine, brakes, frame. And then the body work.

       You all know the story how one thing leads to another. The only thing Dad had asked me at the time was to give it a quick paint job so that he could use it in a few parades. Little did he know the plans!

       Well when the truck was done, I called Dad to see if he could meet me half-way and drive the truck back home. When I drove past him at the gas station and parked the truck, I walked up to him and he said that he did not see me come in. He commented "a truck that looked like his but was really looked sharp" just drove by!

       We took him over to his new truck and you could see the sparkle in his eye when he realized that was his truck that went by! Dad was sure proud of his truck. At that time our Grandson was three and he had helped build it. When we turned the keys over to Dad that day, my Grandson told Dad, "my truck." He just looked at me and shook his head.

       Well in '99 when the two Tony's got together again, Dad (Grandpa Tony) told Grandson Tony (and promised me) that when the time was right, the truck would be Tony's.

       Since Dad passed on, I just have not had the heart to do anything with it. I would go out and sit in it and remember just how much that the old man meant to me. Well the Grandson is now 13 and learning to drive and he finally asked if we could get Grandpa Tony's truck started. Well today was the day: October 16, 2005. Got a fresh battery, some gas and it was running with the Grandson Tony behind the wheel and little old me in the passenger seat with a sparkle in my eye.

       I just wanted to share. Another one gets passed down and a promise fulfilled.

Thanks one and all.


Mike Jordanger
Bolter #5525
Box Elder, South Dakota

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