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Rear Main Seal Replacement

By Robert "Oly" Oeleis

    Got those depressin' oil-leaking blues? Does the ole drip - drip-drip just emabarass you to death at the Cruise-in night? That old rear main seal just not doing it's job, is it? Well, here's Oly to tell you how to do it right and stop the oil drain!

I have seen over the last year that many folks have in-line sixes with rear main seal leaks. I've sent this to many of them. It's so easy it's "blonde" proof! Please print or copy these instructions and have them with you when you do this. There are two sets of instructions: one for original, wick-type seals; and the other for modern neoprene seals.


Rear Main Bearing Oil Seal Replacement

Wick-Type Seal


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