Brian Davis'

1940, '41 and '49 Chevy 1/2-Tons

11 November 2004

From Brian:

          I have been a longtime Stovebolter. Here are pictures of three of my trucks. (He has about 20 altogether ~ Editor) The 1941 with the big grille is a 1/2-ton. I am currently putting together the bed for it. I bought it locally from a guy who had been working on it for years and ran out of energy. He had been collecting NOS parts for it for years. The sheetmetal on it is the best I have ever seen (again much is nos).

My 1949 3600 on a recent camping trip.
My 1940 1/2-ton next to my "new" 1941.

          The 1940 I have been semi-working on and collecting parts for it for a few years. I am beginning to think it will be a " lifelong" project.

          I had a 1957 in high school and always loved old Chevy trucks. I bought the 1949 on eBay three years ago with only one picture and a vague description. Boy did I get lucky! I have restored much of it and drive it regularly. Got a vintage trailer and set it up to pull it with the truck. It gets alot of attention going down the road.

           Thanks for all you do on The Stovebolt Page! I get hours of enjoyment from it every week. I have meet about 20-30 guys or more from there and traded lots of parts.

          Happy Holidays to you and John!


Brian Davis
Bolter # 1302
Auburn, California

           March 2007 -- Be sure to check out Brian's 1950 GMC Suburban and the other 1941 Chevy 1/2-ton he picked up from Ed "Old Goat" Rhodes. It's always good to hear from our long-time Stovebolters! ~~ Editor

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