Brian Davis'

1941 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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02 March 2007

From Brian:

         I was happy to get this 1941 Chevy 1/2-ton from Ed Rhodes before he headed to the Middle East. The chassis on my 1941 had much of the drivetrain from a 1957 passenger car. It was nicely done and drove well but I like them stock.

         I am in the process of taking all my newly restored sheetmetal and moving it over to Ed's stock chassis. I basically got this truck in pieces a few months ago. This truck and my other '41 will become one.

         Ed also had some cool accessories, chrome, literature etc. that I did not have for mine. It will be a great truck and If we get a few weeks of dry weather I should have it back on the road.

Brian Davis
Bolter # 1302
Auburn, California

         Brian's got a sweet 1950 GMC Suburban in the Gallery, too. It's always great to hear from some of our old time Stovebolters ~~ Editor

Ed Rhoads' 1941 Chevy 1/2-Ton "Norma Jean"

10 September 2004

From The Old Goat:

         The Old Goat requesting permission to come aboard. With a new Stovebolt! This time a 1941 Chevy 1/2-ton.

         Where did I find it??? The Stovebolt Page Web site of course! On my first log on. The guy lives 30 minutes away. It's in pieces but it's all there. Can't beat it for $3,500.

         My 1946 was sold to a guy from New Hampshire to fund my trip to Israel. Hope everything is as I left it.

         Next year I should (with a little luck) be working for Halliburton. Security in Iraq. $100,000 for a year tax free. Just need to stay away from the hooded guys with the swords. Although last time I checked, a 45 out trumps a sword every time.

Ed Rhoads
"The Old Goat"

         The Old Goat (Ed) was the moderator for the Events forum until he took his trip overseas. We had this picture that we used when there was a raucous in the Lounge! (Yes, there sometimes have been "lively discussions" in there.) All done in good fun -- the photo that is! -- Editor

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