Brian Davis'

1950 GMC Suburban

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02 March 2007
# 1854

From Brian:

          I have quite a few that are not in the Gallery. I have the disease and have been collecting like crazy. I actually have about 20 trucks total.

          Here's some information on my 1950 GMC Suburban. I bought it from the Stovebolt Swap Meet section. It was in Denver, Colorado and I had it shipped out to Auburn, California in less than a week! It was the middle of winter during a storm.

          I expected some rust but found none. I could not believe it. It even has about 75% of its original green paint. It was terribly oxidized but cleaned up well. I had to replace all the glass first thing. I went through the brakes and gave it a tune, fresh gas and a battery and it runs great.

          All three rows of seats are there, too. I put on a set of artillery wheels I already had with some new wide white walls.

          I am going to drive it as is until I finish a few of the projects I have going ('41 1/2-ton truck and 1957 BMW Isetta). Also, I recently bought another 1941 Chevy 1/2-ton from Ed "Old Goat" Rhodes in Oregon before he left for a security job in the middle east.

Brian Davis
Bolter # 1302
Auburn, California

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