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Cool Old Truck

Ken Brown's

1949 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

  Greetings from Yacolt Washington

    Thought you might enjoy a look at my first attempt at re-doing an old truck. I started when I was 19 and it took 3 years (with a 9 month lapse due to burn-out). I started with a basically original but badly weathered truck. It had pipe racks welded to the passenger side fenders, bullet holes and no glass.

    I didn't have any better sense so I bought it for $400.00 - rebuilt the master cylinder and carb, bought a battery and some tires and after a long weekend and a few prayers, drove it home!

    I decided to go to college when it was done and wound up borrowing some money from my dad to finish up one spring. We never saw eye to eye on the truck and when I didn't pay him back right away, he sold it and signed the title with my name. Haven't seen it since and I now have enough time again (12 years later) to do another. Been looking over the internet at resource information and found your site. I appreciate your approach and your character.

    Quick notes . . . 400+ HP chevy 350 + turbo 400 + 3.73 posi, Formula 400 Trans-Am running gear / front clip. Body is all original and I fixed all the original parts - it was a lot of work for a kid to do. Running boards and grill are gun metal gray metallic and body is med rose metallic. I did all the work myself and learned a lot along the way. Still haven't decided if the next one will be original or something that can set you back in the seat . . . I guess it depends on how bad a shape it is in.

    Keep up the great work on your site.

Ken Brown

Ken's got two more Chevy 1/2 tons: a 1935 and 1949 -- check it out! - ed

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