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Cool Old Truck

Ken Brown's

1949 Chevy

From Ken:

    Attached is the latest truck addition to the Brown family. We found this nice original '49 in Scapoose Oregon this May. It isn't a 5-window, but it was such a good original truck that I couldn't pass it up - especially for $2700!!!.

    Other than a few hours working over the fuel system and tinkering with the ignition, I haven't had to do a thing to have a nice weekend driver. (Yes . . .the chrome bumpers are almost perfect!) The clutch doesn't always let go like it should, but I figure I will be a more attentive driver that way - I'll fix it this winter.

    My wife says "NO MORE TRUCKS till the yard is in!" . . . well, I figure this might be the perfect opportunity to get some additional implements for the tractor . . . can't put in a decent yard without some decent implements . . . have to take advantage of these opportunities when they come!


Ken's got other Chevy 1/2-ton trucks -- a 1935 and 1949 -- check it out! - ed

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