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1952 Studebaker Commander

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03 August 2007

From Nate :

         This is my recently acquired 1952 Studebaker Commander. I just bought it the 4th of July weekend for $250. It has the Studebaker V-8 (not sure of displacement but I'm told it's small) and it has the 3 speed column shift manual with overdrive.

         I haven't done much with it since I just bought it and because I'm not at home. I have put a battery in it and cranked it over few times just to see if I could start it (with a little gas down the carb). It seems like it has no spark (it has new plugs and wires) so i'm guessing a set of points and she'll purrrr once again.

         Plans are to just make a Field Rod, leave the body as is and redo the interior and engine compartment, and maybe freshen up the engine with some new paint, true dual exhaust. I'm not sure if I want to go straight pipe or a set of Smithy's mufflers.

         The car is mostly complete except I need to find both tail light lenses and both wing windows. One cool touch is the rear doors are suicide type. I'm hoping that when I'm done with school and moved back home maybe I can drive this car regularly. That and I'm hoping it should get decent mileage (the overdrive should help).

         As always, I'm extremely impressed with how y'all run this site. You are truly doing a fine job! Keep on keepin' on.

Thanks a lot,

Nate Pagel
Bolter # 8884
1970 Chevrolet CST / 10 Fleetside
Winthrop, Minnesota

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