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1937 Sears "Handiman" Tractor

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17 January 2006

From Jeff:

         I know this isn't a truck or a farm tractor, but it's one of the coolest garden tractors in my collection. It's a 1937 Sears "Handiman." You just have to love the steel lug wheels.

         I bought this at a farm sale about five years ago. The original owner was 90 years old when I got it that day.

         It's powered by a model "K" Briggs engine of 4 hp. It has one forward speed and a separate lever to go in reverse. Each drive wheel has a band brake that really grabs and helps you turn or steer. Power from the engine is by a 2" wide leather belt.

         Its weight is around 850 lbs. The tractor is fully operational and I still use it to cultivate in the garden. I also have the optional riding sulky so you don't have to be drug around behind it.

         I don't plan to restore this tractor as I believe it looks great in its working colors. I have a '33 and '34 model also but they are much smaller versions. I have about 50 garden tractors (mostly walk-behind ones) in my collection. If I get this many old Chevy trucks, I may get a lot closer to them all. (I'm sure someone else has a wife like that.)

         I have a friend in Kentucky that found a very rare David Bradley field mower. This was the first one found after 10 years of looking. This is the problem with a lot of the collecting areas -- the attachments or the optional things have disappeared, leaving only the main machine itself. I find this most disturbing in the truck field, with so many trucks getting chopped and lowered, having their bolt engines tossed aside.We loose a part of the history that should be passed on the less-lucky next generation. It is our job to preserve some of the correct history of the trucks, the records and the times. It appears to be an uphill battle some days.

         I really like the way you folks have worked around this to include all the people and not alienate anyone's part of the hobby.

Jeff Lauber
"Iowa trucks 59"
Bolter # 9494
Columbus Junction, Iowa

         Jeff's got a 1947 Chevy 2-Ton and 1952 Chevy 3/4-Ton in the Gallery ~~ Editor

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