Al Hilmoe's

1951 Chevrolet Deluxe 2-door

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07 March 2006

From Doug:

         Hi it’s Doug again. I guess I should introduce you to another Stovebolt brother who's nickname is "White Lightning." This one is Big Al, and he is the proud owner of nice little '51. If you look in the background, you can see one of his son’s Camero’s.

         I also have two other car crazy brothers. Our family has a family site in which we are all Viking Bow-Tie Cruisers. Hence the nicknames: Plugger ('50 Fleetline), White Lightning ('51 Deluxe), Stovebolt ('50 Pickup), Whitey (Black Sheep), Car 54 (Black Sheep), and a nephew 501 (Cobra with a Bow-Tie “White Sheep”). Of course, how we received our nick names is another story. Not all of them have Chevys, hence we call them Black Sheep.

         Thanks again for a great site.


Doug Hilmoe
My nickname is Stovebolt
Prosser, Washington

         Wow, let me see if I can get this all straight: we've got Al's '51 Deluxe here. Dick's got a 1950 Fleetline and a '53 5-window short box, Doug's got a 1950 3100 Shortbox . ~~ Editor

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