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Sam Fugate's

1948 Diamond T

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From Sam,

Hi John,

     Well, I finally got around to gettin' the pictures of the DIAMOND T. If you would please sir, add this to your alternative gallery. I certainly would appreciated it. I 'm gettin kinda tired of lookin at that ugly blue grey thing on your alternative intro page (hint, hint).

     But seriously, this is an excellent example of the Diamond T, and would be a great addition to a collection. Or for that matter someone with a HORSE FARM might like to have it for new and different look to hay haulin. :^)

     The truck is for sale, and a complete description is just an e-mail away (to serious buyers of course).

     Thanks again John. Oh and by the way, yes that is a 1945 Farmall in the back.


Regards from KY.


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