Chuck Daugherty's

1934 International 1.5-Ton

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05 January 2007

From Chuck :

           Hi! I purchased this 1934 International 1.5-ton from a Hess station in Minnesota. I was passing by with my family and saw several vehicles outside. The station wasn't open, so I had to return the next day to inquire about the cost. To my surprise, the fellow sold it to me for $500.

           The vehicle is in great condition! Almost everything is complete!

           I've never attempted a restoration project on a vehicle but it has always been my dream. My goal is to return it to its original condition and enjoy riding around town.

           The engine is a Waukesha (if that spelling is correct). I've not had much luck finding a vehicle identical to this.

           Any information provided in helping an ol' relic be reborn would be great!

           Great web site you've got going. I enjoyed looking at the great projects and the wonderful pride folks have in the same.

Happy Holidays!

Chuck Daugherty
Houston, Texas

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