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Go big or not at all! A story about a 1949 MAGNUM Crew Cab in the making ~ by Rick Metcalfe

The Features
  • Go big or not at all -- A story about a 1949 MAGNUM Crew Cab in the making ~ by Rick Metcalfe
  • If I knew then what I know now -- a fun tale about a Roy getting a horse (Suburban) for his hobby ... by Roy Vaillancourt
  • Not all 'good deals' are easy deals -- but having his Stovebolt hard at work make for a great story by Scott Ward
  • Two Boys and a Sawzall -- Making a Mess into Madness and Merriment!
  • Stovebolt License Plate Topper -- From the fiery flames of a sand box emerges a new topper, with some personalized touches!
  • My old GMC Trucks! and a Chevy -- How many cool truck things can happen to one guy! A great story from Howard Keith
  • Old World Pizza Truck -- Jack Flagge gets real creative as he brings pizza to the masses in his 1942 1.5-Ton Chevy truck
  • Stovebolt Panel trucks helped the Poles - Joe Smith did an exhuastive search but found much more than he hoped for!
  • Supporting Service Members -- Updated May 2008. A salute to our servicemembers and a call to action. What can you do for our troops serving in Iraq? PLENTY!
  • Operation BFW -- The Great Stovebolt Rescue Mission -- Five Bolters in an epic journey to Winchester, VA to rescue a '53 Big Bolt from ... THE CRUSHER!! And making its first appearance ever in a Stovebolt feature story -- The Big Frikkin' Wrench!! Stovebolt drama at its BEST! "Two Thumbs way, way Up!" -- Roger Egbert
  • The Stovebolt Topper -- Nothing like having a foundry at your home - and the skill to create such a special Stovebolt piece as this.
  • Living History Day at Camp Withycombe in Clackamas, Oregon sponsored by the Oregon Military Museum and the Military Vehicle Collectors Club of Oregon and reported to us by Rob "The Toonman" Butler, lots of cool pictures!
  • Bolt down the hatches, Mate! -- Category 5 cyclone hits Cape York Australia -- "A newspaper headline flashed through my mind: '"STOVEBOLT BREAKS LAND SPEED RECORD OF 320 KM/H!' I wasn’t too confident that old girl was gonna make it...
  • Stovebolter plays music under pressure! -- Steam pressure, that is. Irwin Arnstein ('59 1-Ton) regularly plays a 1905 calliope that he restored himself -- we've even got him on video! Talk about stepping back in time!
  • A Big Bolt brings you the Big Bar -- Tom and Kathy Truhlar restore a 1953 Chevy Stepvan to use in their incredibly fun business -- taking their homemade Big Bars (ice cream) to car shows, swap meets and the like around southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois
  • Motivating the Next Generation -- Destined for a crusher and a future as a soda can, a left-for-dead '52 1-ton becomes the Lil Rascals truck, built on a whim, with little money and lots of good Stovebolt moments!
  • Stovebolt Kicks on Route 66 -- A great story of Ned Leuchtner re-building the Cool Springs, a vintage Mobil station, with vintage Stovebolts (two of them!)
  • Get your "Toon-up" with Automotive Artist Rob (The ToonMan) Butler
  • Restoring BIG TRUCKS
  • Veterans' Day

The Africa Safari ... Hatari!!

  • The Call of the 'Burb -- The third in the Celt's adventures -- Africa is calling him again, and there's a Burb in the bush!
  • Stovebolter Out of Africa -- A sequel to the earlier story "Africa Calling." The Celt gives us another good story but with an agonizing "cry" -- not for help this time.
  • Africa Calling -- What started as some information-seeking turned into some really fascinating information-sharing. The Celt tells all about Chevrolet Safari and the land o' plenty o' Bolts. More Stovebolt Stars!

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