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Leonardtown, Maryland


1965 C-10 C1504 Longbed Stepside


Owned by

Bolter # 1987

14 August 2006
# 1500

From Woog :

      I have "new to me" (re: used) chrome bumper guards that I mounted up on my 1965 Chevy C-10 Stepside. Here is my arty magazine front cover shot: I've got a couple of other angles, including a before and after shot.

      Persh (1965 Chevy C-20) has a great 'how to' article on bumper guards on his Idea Page -- The "how to install bumper guards on your '60-66 truck", by hilandr451.

      Contact Information:  I have a website that is all about my truck. My site has lots of pictures and the text journal I keep of my adventures with fixing it. If you are interested in seeing more pictures or reading more about it, visit my website.


17 April 2006
# 1500

From Woogeroo:

      I now have a site dedicated entirely to Matraca. I have different sections of new pics ... lots of pix!

     I took off the big "parts store trailer lights" that were on the truck when I bought it. I knew they weren't the original lights, and I've since replaced them with black reproduction '60-'66 Stepside lights from American Classic Truck Parts.

      I replaced the wheel covers with baby moon hubcaps that are originally off of a base model Chevy Nova 1971-1973-ish. Part number for the hubcap: 39961381. They are basic baby moons but they have a Chevy bowtie pressed into them in the center -- which I thought looked neat. I saw a '65 short Fleet with those caps on there and I started tracking down what they were off of and so forth. After much searching and asking of questions, I finally found some.

      The big new mirrors are OEM Chevrolet mirrors off of a '64 Chevy truck a guy in Kentucky was redoing. It was a lot of drama trying to get them all lined up and the holes drilled and bolted on. My pal and I finally made it all happen. I decided to use stainless steel acorn type nuts, to keep with the motif of the big acorn nuts on the adjustment parts of the mirrors themselves.

      The only other things I've done have been mechanical and electrical, some maintenance and upkeep and keeping it going.

      I have an e-brake system now using the '66 to early '70s Chevy truck type e-brake cable system, which is different from the '60-'65 system. Since my truck has a th350 auto in it now, it was simpler to use this system. I kept the use of the original big handle under the dash. Knowing what I know now, I might have just used an aftermarket Lokar brake setup or something as it was a pain trying to get all the little bitty parts and get it figured out how it went on there -- since I was installing it, not just replacing it and had no idea how it all went together, even with all of my shop manuals.

      Now for the rest of it... Old truck are fun.



25 December  2003  

From Woogeroo:

      Purchase Date: April 4th, 2003. There were 27,432 of this type produced for 1965 year model

      Body wise the truck is fairly original and in pretty good shape, though it does have rust issues on the fenders and doors in the the usual areas. 

      The drive train is not original, the auto 3 speed (on the column) tranny is I believe a th350, the engine is a 5.7L Chevy motor (which is a 350 small block with different heads).  It has a Holley 600 cfm single pumper carburetor on top of an Edelbrock Standard Performer aluminum intake manifold.  This was all on the truck when I bought it.

      It has the bench seat with the gas tank behind it. It has power steering and brakes, with drums all the way around.

      Contact Information:  I have a website that is all about my truck. My site has lots of pictures and the text journal I keep of my adventures with fixing it. If you are interested in seeing more pictures or reading more about it, visit my website.

      Feel free to email me with questions.



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