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1965 Chevy C-20 Long Wheelbase

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19 June 2006
# 1569

From Van:

           I was looking for a good old Chevy truck to bang around in and wanted the most modern truck I could find that didn't have to go through emissions testing here in Arizona. The clear choice was a '64-'66 Chevy/GMC. I really wanted a 1/2-ton LWB, but when I saw this beauty, a '65 C-20, it was love at first sight. I told my wife about it and mentioned that fact that it had factory air and she said we'd better get it before someone else does - shock, shock!!

           After a couple of years of weekends, this is how it turned out. The 292/4-speed granny gave way to a slightly modified 350/700R4. The truck has a lot of stuff from the donor vehicle, which was an '83 Suburban. Some of the items include the tilt steering wheel complete with power steering box, front sway bar, air conditioning system (under the hood stuff) and a hundred other little odds and ends. After an unsuccessful bout with the Q-jet, a '91 GM TBI fuel injection system was installed and with the Dana 60 rear end with 3.53 gear it cruises the Interstate with the big boys effortlessly!

           Details of the truck can be seen on my website. Here's a good shot of the interior / dash.

           While doing this project, I discovered that there were lots of folks out there that had lots of great ideas for '60-'66 trucks but there really wasn't any specific place one could go to get a good dose. So with some encouragement from some of my fellow truckers, I decided that it would be a good idea to start a home for them and I started posting things on the Idea Page. Many fellow truckers have contributed and it has grown to a pretty slick place to get some good tips. Any contributions are gladly received - especially if there are pictures.

           The Stovebolt sight is great and I have hesitated to join in because I always thought that a "Stovebolt" was a good old in-line 6 and since I ditched my 292 for a V8 I figured that I'd be intruding! Sweetly, as it turns out, I was wrong!!

Van Pershing
Bolter # 11382
Tucson, Arizona

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