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1947 5-Window 1/2-Ton Chevy

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Leonardtown, Maryland



"The Toad"

Owned by Skip Whitfield
Bolter # 34
Cobble Hill, B.C. Canada
Vancouver Island

Skip also has a 1952 3/4-ton Chev in the Gallery
24 December 2000 Update

From Skip:

         John Boy, here's a nice shot from last summer. Who says it always rains on the West Coast? This is a picture of two Chev's and another vehicle of some sort. It was taken outside of Victoria, in the background is Juan de Fuca strait and the mountains are the Olympics in Washington (or is that Worshington) State. Nice day for a small town wouldn't ya say?

         And here's a shot of a 1930 Chev I found the other day definitely a keeper. It's a home made panel but hard to see from that shot.

         Well, I just wheeled the "Toad" into the shop. When it rolls out, it will have a Pacer front end, a 283 coupled to a 350 tranny and putting the power to the road via a 9" F*** rearend. I bought a Pacer for $200, sold the rubber for $100, removed the front-end, steering, battery and seats and sold the carcass for $100. Dead even so far! Found a '78 Chev 1/2-ton with a 9" rearend with a new braked job and a rebuilt pumpkin heading for the junkyard. Took the rearend and went home with it.

         Still dead even. Just purchased a 283 with a tranny for $150 a fellow worker who says it used to puff a little blue every now and then (I figure it's probably valve seals), but for $150 can't go to wrong. I've got a 350 with a 400 turbo but feel the 283 will be enough for my needs. So far I've invested $150 and the guy with the Pacer has another front end for me for free.

         FYI -- Skip's Toad was featured in the December issue of The Stovebolt Page ... this man has the Christmas spirit !!

         "I've been chatting to my neighbours and it appears that my "decorated" truck went over better than I thought. I've been nominated as one of the most unique Christmas yards. The neighbourhood is going to follow suit next year. Plans for tractors, boats and other units are in store for next Christmas. If I think of something else I'll let you know. For me I just got the green light to go ahead with a "money is no limit" project to build the ultimate F&*d Bronco for my son-in-law who's done very well for himself and needs to spend some money before the tax man gets here ... (Oh darn, poor me)."

         Skips final words: "Lighten up, you Stovebolters!"

From Skip:

         This is my 1947 5-window 1/2-Ton Chevy. I restored this ol' girl about a year ago -- frame up. Cream Medium has a stock radio in working condition. Won everything I've entered -- so far. My favorite win was a concours event (Minter Gardens) she took 1st in her class.

         If you can list her please do. This is the first time I've sent a picture out on the net.



(As we've updated this page, just wanted to mention Skip was one of our first to be on the original Stovebolt Page. We didn't even DATE these things back then. ~ Editor)


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