Barry Weeks'

1948 1/2-Ton Pickup

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      This is one of several trucks owned by Barry and Kathy Weeks of Lake Elmo, MN, over the years.

    "It had 65,000 miles on it when I bought it in 1996. Stock except for "artillery" wheels and radial tires I put on it. Drove it a lot last summer because my '40 was torn down. Sold the '48 due to no room, time or money -- at least not for four old trucks.

    So I sold the '48 just before Christmas and will put the time, money and space towards my '40's."

Barry Weeks
Bolter #361
Lake Elmo, MN

         Barry was our "first contact" with the Stovebolt world. You'll see him all over this site -- Tech Tips, Features, IRWIPI. Barry was our first moderator in the forums. We were collectively responsible for half of his gray hairs :) He's a huge help to Stovebolters far and wide! Barry and Kathy are Stovebolters First Class!.

         A few of his Bolts he has listed here are his 1940 Chevy Canopy Express and 1940 Chevy 1/2-ton. ~~ Editor

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