Todd Stockdale's

1965 C60 Auger Truck

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5 November  03  

From Todd

             Pictured here is my '65 Chevy low cab forward tandem twin screw. It is equiped with a rebuilt 327 truck engine, 4-speed with a 3- speed auxilliary. I mounted an eight-ton stainless steel fertilizer auger box on it last spring.

             I use it a few hours in the fall to fill my minimum till fertilizer equipment and in the spring to fill my strip till planter. It might get 15 miles on it per year. I hated to pay $20,000 for a new unit and drive it 15 miles per year. Besides this matches the rest of the fleet around the farm. It will last for me till I don't need a truck anymore.

             I'm proud to post on this fantastic web site. It's so refreshing to know that more people than me still enjoy thier old trucks on a daily basis. I thought I was the only eccentric Chevy truck owner out there for a while. Got to go, Have a line on another '65 GMC tandem twin screw grain truck.

             Keep up the good work.

Todd Stockdale
Leroy, MN

             Todd has a few other trucks in the gallery ... 1960 Chevy Apache 1/2-ton 4 x 4 and a 1966 GMC C60 Auger Truck ~~ Editor

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