Todd Stockdale's

1960 Chevy Apache 1/2-ton 4 x 4

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UPDATE 15 March 2003

From Todd:

             The 1960 4 x 4 in the gallary that was Mike Kreminskis has been shifted over to Todd Stockdale. Todd reports that the steering has been rebuilt and the drive train has been reinstalled. I am swaping in a 1963 283 and will rebuild each drive train part with parts Mike included. Will be setting on a cab and front sheet metal from an Oklahoma '62 3/4-ton.

             Will just do some minor rebuilding of the box but will drive it often. This will be the 1/2-ton short stepbed to mirror my '66 3/4-long stepbed.

             Thanks for continuing a great site.

Todd Stockdale
Leroy, MN

             Todd has a few other trucks in the gallery ... 1966 GMC C60 Auger Truck and a 1965 C60 Auger Truck ~~ Editor

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15 May 2001

From Mike:

             Here are a couple pics of my 4 x 4 project as it is to date. Right now the body is sitting out back by the shed. Just had frame sandblasted and am in the process of priming it. I will be painting the frame black after it's primed. The project is still going very slowly, but I am making progress!

             Keep up the great work at Stovebolt! Love the site and everything it stands for! You all deserve a pat on the back for keeping such a great site up and running!

Mike Kremitzki

25 January 01

From Mike:

             Here are some new pics from my project truck.

             I have found a '65 Chevy cab to use on the '60 truck. The '60 cab is in pretty bad shape.

             The project is going very slow but I will send an update when I get more done.

             Keep up the great work. I love this sight. I can not go a day without checking the message board. Thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks a lot,


14 October 00

             This is my 1960 Chevy Apache 1/2-ton 4 x 4.

             It is my first project. I hope to have it complete within two years.

             I am going to pull the truck completely apart and rebuild.

Mike Kremitzki

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