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1966 Chevy K-10 LWB Fleetside


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18 May 2007
# 1946

From Tony :

            I have added another fine specimen to my collection of 1964-1966 Chevy trucks. BIGRD66 is a 1966 Chevy K-10 lwb Fleetside.

            I have always wanted a 1964-1966 Chevy factory 4 x 4, complete with the factory running gear, that hasn't been molested or upgraded to modern engine, tranny and driveline. I located this truck on eBay from a fellow up in Oregon, that I purchased another one of my trucks from back in 2006, OLRED66 ('66 Chevy C20 Red with white cap), in the Gallery. He too, is a vintage truck enthusiast and appreciates the significance of a truck of this rarity and condition. BIGRD66 is a very nice, unmolested survivor with a nice appearance and stance.

She is a low mileage four wheel drive survivor with a pristine interior and engine bay. Besides the 4 x 4 running gear, she's got a 283 and granny low 4-speed.

            I like them stock with the stock stance and accessories. I may give the local show circuit a try with BIGRD66. She is rather unique in her excellent, unrestored condition with the factory big back glass.

            I love my '64-'66 Stovebolts, as well as this great web site. My interest and involvement in these Chevy trucks has continued to grow over the past few years due to I have met many individuals, via the site, that share the same interests in the 4-5-6 Chevy trucks, including Lee Bailes, JC, sablesurfer, 55 cabover and mikes 63k-10, in the Kansas City area. I have also done some parts swapping with RJ, colettesbro and Truckstein, while canvassing the Swap Meet Forums. Daily visits to the Stovebolt have become part of my normal routine and when there is time, I like wrenching and riding around in one of my 4-5-6 Chevy Trucks.

            Thanks to the Stovebolt Staff for providing a diversion to the craziness going on in this world!

Anthony S. Smith
"4-5-6 Chevy Trucks"
Bolter # 5355
Lenexa, Kansas

          Tony's got himself a nice line-up of Chevy trucks:

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