Ranger Ric Sanders'

1969 3/4-Ton 4 WD Chevy

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25 October 2004

From Ranger Ric:

          This is the work horse of the driveway. My 1969 3/4-ton 4WD. She is the log-draggin, snow-pushin, tool-carrying "everything truck." She has a 350 with 202 heads 4speed and 1.5-ton leafs.

          Before I owned it, she served the citizens of this great State of Washington as a Wildland firefightin' brush rig. She has seen it all to include a drop over a cliff 75 feet that broke her frame on both sides just behind the cab. She was jacked up, measued and fishplated! You can drive down the road with your hands off the wheel and she tracks great.

          This is the true heartbeat of America -- another truck that won't say quit.

Love and Respect,
Ranger Ric
Republic, Washington
C.C.M. ABATE State Chaplain
Washington State
Micah 6:8

          Ranger Ric's got another truck in the gallery -- a 1951 Chevrolet that he's had for a 25 years ~~ Editor

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