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A Cool Old Truck

Ranger Ric Sanders's

1951 3/4-Ton Chevrolet

04 November 04

From Ranger Ric:      

          This is the current condition of my 1951 Chevrolet. She is waiting for new goodies --73 Cadillac clip and a 472/turbo 400. It's been 25 years with my '51 and she's currently awaiting another restoration.

          The truck is titled as a 3/4-ton. When I was working on the front suspension years ago, I ordered front tie rod ends for a 3/4-ton. The ones I got were not at all what I needed. I sent one of mine back with the new ones and they identified it, as I remember a 5 1/4. I think we were talking about one of the project trucks when 1/2-ton came up. It is standard length for a 3/4-ton with an 8 ft flat bed. Even though, before I got it, the rear frame rails had been cut off and a really hurky looking bumper and hitch was welded in place. I just found the duals to put on it about a year ago.They are on the corporate full floating rear axle that was with the truck when I bought it. As for an actual tonage, I am not sure after all that. I do know it has an 8-lug normal 3/4-ton pattern on all of the wheels and my '48-1 ton has a 6-lug large pattern, just to add to the confusion.

          I will try to send you the picture of the two trucks in the back yard in 1979. This will explain how the '51 got a '54 cab, hence the comment Johnny Cash truck. I think he had a song about a '51, '52, '53, '54, '55 Cadillac that he put together over the years.

          We spent a 12 hour day at my buddy's shop working on the first stage of the second restoration of my '51. We got the two frames mated and cab and fenders on. The 472 sits real pretty in the engine compartment and we believe we are going to have enough room to put a full size cad radiator behind the grille. Of course, that comes with fabricating new fender wells and a core support. The front tires line up perfect in the fat fender wells and the steering is going to be one of a kind. I will send more pictures of this one soon.


          Graduation present later in 1981 -- a new paint job. Boy what paint does for an old truck. The cab and fender swap complete with a rattle can paint job. Please forgive me as this is a Johnny Cash truck -- remember paper route income.


          Speaking of physical scars this would be the one I have shed the most blood over clear back to 1979 and this picture. This was the first restoration as a 15 year old and a paper route income.


Love and Respect,
Ranger Ric
Republic, Washington
C.C.M. ABATE State Chaplain
Washington State
Micah 6:8

          Ranger Ric's got another truck in the gallery -- his workhorse 1969 3/4-Ton 4 WD Chevy ~~ Editor

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