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1957 GMC 100 LWB NAPCO

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18 May 2007
# 1949

From Brian :

           Here are some pictures of my latest acquisition. This is a 1957 GMC 100 LWB Factory NAPCO.

           I saw this truck for sale several years back. I went up, had a look and took her for a drive. At the time, it was a little over priced. Then about a year later, I saw it for sale again and the price had dropped significantly. So that peaked my interest again.

           I made several trips up to see it and drive it. I was right in the middle of a major addition to my house so time to tinker and money to purchase it was in short supply. I lost many hours of sleep over the course of a month thinking about it. I equate it to seeing a sad-eyed puppy at the pound. They just speak to you "Please take me home."

           Well, I called and pitched an offer to the guy. He reluctantly agreed.

           Along with the truck came a mess of new parts (a new repop door, fender and cab patch panels, a second set of tires / wheels, repop trim pieces, door seals and hinges, carpet kit, head liner and more). It was just tons of extras the prior owner had purchased in hopes of restoring it one day. The bed was full as was the trunk and back seat of the wife's car coming home.

           So now it sits in my shop next to my 1955.2 NAPCO converted Chevy 3100. My new pickup and wife's car sits outside ... go figure?!

           The truck is original except for the seats, tires / wheels and motor. I have the original seat and wheels and they will go back on. It currently has a Chevy 283 that runs great but I'd like to track down an original GMC (Pontiac) 347 V8 and swap that back in.

           As for future plans, I'd like to restore it. For now, it shares trips to the hardware store, dump and market with the '55.2 NAPCO.

Brian Russell
Bolter # 6330
Chico, California

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