Brian Russell's

1955 2nd Series Chevy 3100 NAPCO

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06 November 2006
# 1710

From Brian :

           This is my 1955 2nd series Chevy 3100 NAPCO conversion. It had seen it sitting in this guy's driveway near my then girlfriend's (now wife) house for about a year -- full of yard debris. I had her ask him one day if he was interested in selling it and I think his wife decided he was. So it found a new home.

           It was a two wheel drive truck when I got it and I had plans to make it 4wd from the get-go.

           I tracked down a NAPCO 4wd chassis in Butte, Montana that was from a 1957 GMC line-built NAPCO. So the dog and I made the trip from Chico, California to Butte and back in 48 hours (2000 miles).

           Over the past several years, I completely rebuilt the NAPCO running gear, brakes and SM420 transmission. In the spring of 2006, I finally installed it all in the truck.

           It's period correct for the most part. If it were a true NAPCO upfit in 1955, the transfer case would have been a Rockwell 221 twin stick and the front differential would have been on the driver's side. It would have had 8 lug wheels. But it's close.

           It's now my grocery getter. I love the looks I get when I take her for a spin. I still need to put the steps on the bed, redo the seat and install the original outside sun visor. That's about all I'll do to this one.

           I also have a 1957 Chevy 3100 and another complete set of NAPCO running gear which I plan on restoring to show condition.

Brian Russell
Bolter # 6330
Chico, California

           Brian added a 1957 GMC 100 LWB NAPCO to the Gallery in May 2007! Two impressive trucks! ~~ Editor

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