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1935 Chevy Canopy Express

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December 2010

I no longer own the CE. The old truck is sitting at a dealer's lot in Miami, Fla. Over a year ago I traded the CE and my original 1930 Roadster for some cash and a 1938 all steel Dodge cab mounted on a 1980 Chevy dually chassis, all Chevy running gear and a custom aluminum diamond flatbed with oakrails. You could say it's an "Under cover Chevy. - Bud

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15 December 2005
# 1320

From Bud:

             My truck is a 1935 Chevy Canopy Express. I first saw my truck at the 1995 Northeast Chevy / GMC truck meet. Then in September 2002, I saw an ad for a 1935 Chevy Canopy Express. It turned out to be the same truck! Yep, and I bought it!

             At the time, I was driving a modified 1948 Canopy. As what usually happens, garage space and money were a little tight, so both trucks went up for sale. Hoping to sell the 1935 Chevy, my 1948 Canopy sold.

             Now starts another project. I took it apart with complete bead-blasting. I was thinking about the rebuild, when a saw another ad for a completely rebuilt 1972 Corvette chassis, ready for a body. So I bought that, too. I stretched the frame 16 inches and mounted my 1935 Canopy on it.

             It is a fun ride and handles great. It just needs the cab interior finished. Someday I'll do more body work on it to clean up the body lines and smooth out some other spots. But for now, I'm driving it and having fun.

Thank you,

Bud Perry
"buds 35 ce"
Bolter #9409
Lynchburg, Virginia
(originally from CT)

            In June 2007, Bud added a 1930 Chevy Roadster Pickup truck to his collection. Another niiiice truck! ~~ Editor

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