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Steve Moseley's

1952 Chevrolet 2-Ton 6400 Farm Truck

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March 2004  

From Steve:

      Here is another resident of the Mosley farm. This is a 1952 2-ton which was used for hay duty when the 1947 was already loaded

      My Dad purchased this truck from my uncle who apparently purchased it from the county schools for whom he apparently worked for at the time.  As time wore on, the previous history began to show through the later coats of "cover up" paint, especially on the doors.  Looking carefully, you can make out USNAVY, 95-00826, and " FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY."

      This truck must have served duty on a base in some form or another, probably not as a flatbed, and then retired and then acquired by the state level of government. 

      The excessive amount of rust or lack of unrust is shown by fact that the cab corners had been replaced many years before and have actually rusted through again.  Cab floor is practically nonexistent with exception of under the seat and there is even rust in the cowl vent and the rib that encircles the cab at window level.

      Through all the rust, it runs great!

Steve Moseley

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