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Steve Moseley's

1950 Chevrolet 4400

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08 August  2003  

From Steve:     

         Here's one for " it ran when it was parked." Oops -- I mean " it stills runs even though its been parked." Aaaaa ... oh heck! It still runs!!!!!!! 

         This truck, pile of parts sitting in a formation, or whatever, has been a resident at my parents' farm for at least 30 or so years.  It is a 50 (?) 4400 with the original engine and tranny and a locked rear end. 

         It sat just behind its current location for many years until my brother pulled it to a more level location with the 1958 Viking which is in much better shape, of course. 

         We are hoping to use the front leaf springs on the '47 first series, which is also pictured on your site, due to the fact that 40 plus years of hayfield duty, and 10 plus years as a lime truck pretty much did those in. 

         Old Stovebolts never die, completely.


Steve Mosley

         Steve has some other Bolts in the Gallery: 1947 1.5-Ton Hay Truck and a 1952 Chevrolet 2-Ton 6400 Farm Truck ~~ Editor

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