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1940 1/2-Ton


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Mikey contacted us in 2010 to say he sold one truck and gave away another. [ 1958 Chevy Apache 3200 1/2-Ton Longbox ] "I’d also like to thank you for your great site and assistance over the years." ~ Editor

October 1999 and January 2000 updates

From Mikey:

        Thanks to Barry Weeks I was able to work part of the back window out and have removed 50% of the inner cab. If you want, I'd be obliged to send digital pics (to anyone -- contact Mikey directly!) with the digi-cam as I go and let you figure it out as you please. My baby is in mint condition so the restoration should be a clean one. I am about as new and green at this as one can get but then that type of work-in-progress and advice is good for those that have only dreamed like I did. Now I have a dream-in-progress.

        Dad and I have put in a fair amount of work on the truck and we have both passenger fenders off, running boards, radiator, the cab is empty.

All the best,

11 September 1999 Update

        I drove Sheniqua downtown on Tuesday to get repaired. I stopped at a light and a large Chinese family was standing at the corner smiling and waving. I waved back a bit miffed. I guess she's a colourfull truck. There was some little red car tailing me for 20 or more blocks and I guess he didn't realize that when I changed to second gear, that gun-fire sound was back-fire.

        I drove downtown and purposely drove down the Indy track with huge concrete slabs on either side going a whopping 30 mph. This weekend they're going far faster down that track. Gotta laugh. Turns out there were nuts in the gas tank and lots of rust so it's being sand-blasted and refinished. Turns out the starter was in bad shape - it whirz real nice now without smoke. And the engine is actually a 235 1946 or 8. The point cap was the wrong one and the sparkplugs were wrong. There is a homeless squirrel out there who had saved a large number of nuts in this truck and every bump I go over, a few fall from the headliner.

        Anyways, I'm gonna head down to the Pacific National Exhibition tomorrow to get a glimpse at the agriculture stuff.

Take care and all my best,


From Mikey,

        "Sheniqua" was in a parade on Sunday. Unfortunately she was pushed. The starter blew two minutes before liftoff and smoke came out. I don't think it could handle 12-volt power. I went through 2 starters just this weekend. Anyways, thought you'd all like to see what she looks like in front of the house (especially in front of the AIRSTREAM!).

        I'm soooooo tired and now in debt. I rolled her down a hill last night and got her going and drove her home. She drives real nice and I'm far happier than havin' a new truck. I'm a proud parent. Now the restoration begins. Looking forward to getting the two together. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Best Regards,

        Mikey had a hilarious/terrifying experience going to get Sheniqua - look for it in our Saga's section. ~~ Editor

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