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Leonardtown, Maryland


1958 Chevy Apache 3200 1/2-Ton Longbox

Mikey contacted us in 2010 to say he sold one truck and gave away another. [ 1940 Chevy 1/2-ton ] "I’d also like to thank you for your great site and assistance over the years." ~ Editor

Owned by

Mike Davy
Bolter # 8598
Vancouver, British Columbia


08 February 2008 Update
# 1840

From Mike :

           The pIcture taken here was from one of our BC Bolter's GABfests (January 2008 at Shady Grove). [ Read the story here with lots more pictures ]

           This gas station is about an hour drive from Vancouver in Abbotsford. Here is the discussion from the Event Forum. I was the only one to bring my Bolt, mostly because I don't have another vehicle. We had snow warnings and my truck was having electrical "issues." Returning home in the snow weather and with "issues" was a bit nerve-wracking but I was lucky that Burgundybolt escorted me part-way to my Father's for repairs. Turns out my generator wire was not properly connected so I was only running on battery.

           I still can't believe my pic is on the "new guy" spot - seems so long ago.

Warm Regards,

Mike & "Mabelline"

           Mike has a great snow picture in the GABfest story. And the "new guy" icon WAS long ago but it still is a GREAT photo! You do good work - pictures and stories! ~~ Editor


21 February 2007
# 1840

From Mike :

           It took me a while to get around to submitting my newer truck but here it is. This is my 1958 Chevy Apache 3200 (1/2-ton longbox) [ pix ].

           In September 2005, I noticed an ad for a 1958 Chevy Stepside near Mt. Shasta in California. It sounded good -- currently insured, missing a door hinge, not original seat, etc. at a very good price. So, I hopped on a train from Seattle arriving in the small town in the middle of the morning.

           The fellow was nice enough to pick me up at the station and as day broke, I drove away in my new truck. I thought it would be best to drive to the coast to keep cool so I drove to Redding and took the 299. Wow, what a road with a truck -- I didn't know. I'm lucky the brakes didn't give out or something else.

           I drove up the 101 Coast highway with spectacular ocean views, sleeping on the front seat where I could find parking.

           The oil lines started leaking oil onto the manifold so it was a bit smoky. When I had reached Coos Bay, the smoke had gotten too bad to continue. A quick repair at a local shop (the folks there were very helpful) got me back on the road.

           By the time I had gotten to the mid-Oregon coast, the temperature had gotten quite cold. I almost made it back to the Canadian border when the electrical went. Another quick repair and I was at the border.

           It took several months to do the repairs to meet BC safety inspection and aircare emission requirements. I've been driving my truck around downtown Vancouver for a year now and I never get bored of my truck. It's a reliable driver and I've fixed many issues as they've arisen on my own (with alot of guidance by Stovebolter Red58).

           I used to have a 1940 1/2-ton (it's still in the Gallery). That was quite a few years ago but -- once a Stovebolter, always a Stovebolter. Thanks to the Stovebolt Staff for everything they do!

           I am always adding pictures of my truck and other goodies to my Flickr account. There are some great shots of the Stovebolt Meet and Greet in Langley BC earlier this month!

           Thanks for including the Stovebolt Gathering pictures! Very good. Very funny! Mike's been around with us for quite a while. If you are ready for a roll-over-laughing story, you've got to read "Dancing with Tornadoes" (one of our first) from our Sagas section. And yes, that's him on the main Gallery page. He was a natural for the "meet the new guys" icon. ~~ Editors



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