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1951 Chevy 1/2-Ton


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29 May 2006 -- Happy Memorial Day. Let us all remember those who have gone before ...
# 1542

From Jim:

The Engine Donor

           Well, here I go getting another Stovebolt. My other Stovebolt (see my '34 big bolt 1.5-ton found under an awning in Arkansas) is knocking pretty loud so I decided to find another straight 6 to put in while I rebuild the original. A trip to the local junk yard put a quick dose of reality in my plans. Do you know what they are asking for a running six with 100,000 on the odometer?!

           Well, anyway I think that's too much so I started checking eBay and along comes Harry. Harry is my "engine donor truck" I found in Springfield, Missouri. I wanted an excuse to go to the NSRA Mid-America Nationals anyway.

           There were so many Stovebolts there I even started walking past without gawking. You know, NSRA only allows pre-1949 Bolts to register. So, do you know how to tell the difference between a '48 and a '51 half-ton without checking the VIN? I don't think they do either.

           Back to Harry. Harry is suppose to have a rebuilt six that the owner never got running. Thatís a good thing because he never installed a water pump. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a fresh engine AND it comes wrapped in a 1951 half-ton with most of the iron in place and useable.

           I'm hoping the fresh paint on the engine means someone did something besides shake a can of rattle paint at it. The problem is now that Harry is parked under a tree in my yard here in Fox, Arkansas. I can't help but like him so the donor idea is out the window and I want to get Harry back on the road. Maybe after I get him running, Harry will send his 6 to my '34 and I can get a donor 'Bolt with a V8 for Harry.

           Wait a minute, this is starting to sound familiar.

Jim MacKay
Bolter # 7365
Fox, Arkansas

           Jim's got a fun web site to check out too. Some neato "antique cars and yard ornaments." I'll say! Even a Super Beatle! In May 2007, Jim added a 1937 Chevy 1/2-Ton to his collection and a Yahoo account with more pictures! ~~ Editor

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