Jim MacKay's

1937 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

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11 May 2007
# 1940

From Jim:

       Here is my third addition to the Gallery. This is a 1937 half ton Chevrolet.

       This is an embarrassing confession. I bought a F**D. (Yes, Ford). The good new is that I passed it on. It was a 1946 one-ton. I thought I wanted to make it into a 1940 half ton. Well, anyway this it how it became a 1937 Bolt.

       My young neighbor is trying to build a hot rod. He comes by once in a while to look at my various yard ornaments. I have several. You can see them at on my Yahoo account. Yes, those are VWís mixed into the herd. Itís the only other thing I know how to fix with two crescent wrenches and a screwdriver.

       Well, the young man found a couple '48-53 Chevy trucks and this '37 in someoneís back forty nearby. He started to cut the '37. He just kept cutting. The drive shaft, the fenders, the bed, the various bolts holding the thing together. He got it down to a frame and a cab. Then he realized this was too far gone to do what he wanted so he asked to buy my impulsive mistake (the '46).

       I felt bad for the '37 and I liked its complete original inline 6 (free turning) and knee shock set (some resistance) so I traded him straight across. So I took a loss. Thatís the karma I deserve for getting a F**D.

       Most of the cuts werenít that important. The sheet metal was pretty tough. But, to cut the drive shaft rather than unbolt the universal, well thatís the saddest part.

       I donít know if this '37 will ever hear road noise under its tires but it is a fine looking yard ornament.

       By the way, the strap is essential to keep it all together.

Jim MacKay
Bolter # 7365
Fox, Arkansas

       Jim has a 1934 Chevrolet 1.5-Ton flatbed in the Gallery that runs well and was his first Stovebolt. Then in May of 2006, Jim added a "donor engine" (yea right) to his collection -- a 1951 Chevy 1/2-Ton. They ARE irresistible, aren't they? Be sure to check out Jim's site about his "yard ornament" collection! ~~ Editor

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