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1947 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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03 November 2005

From Gary:

             Here is a picture of my 1947 Chevy pickup that I bought in July - exactly as it is pictured here. It is a Canadian truck built in November 1947. A previous owner has done a very good job of restoring this nice little truck. It is nearly original in that it still has the 216 motor and 3-speed with floor shift. It was stored for two years in a building and was never driven off the owner's property since he bought it.

           The speedo registers 63,000 miles.

            I look forward to seeing this in your gallery section.

           Also in the same building was an original 1934 Chev pickup in original condition. It has been sitting for 10 years and the owner was planning a resto job but never got around to it. It has been since been sold to a Chevy truck owner I know ('48 5-ton and ' 47 1/2-ton). He has it running and roadworthy. All it needed was a fuel pump and to free up the brake cables. I have had the chance to drive that '34 on back country roads. I'll send some pictures of it when I get a chance.


Gary Long
Bolter # 11046
Clarksburg, Ontario

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