Ken Furlong's

1934 Canadian Chev 1/2-Ton Pickup

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07 March 2007
# 1559

From Ken :

           Hello to all Stovebolters. I have an update on my 1934 Canadian Chevy that good friend "Gary 47" sent in. After being featured in Old Auto's newspaper here in Canada, the second owner came forward from Thunder Bay, Ontario. He purchased it in 1959 when he was only 14. He bought it from a widow who lived just outside of what was then known as Port Arthur / Fort William, Ontario. Her husband only used it to travel to the back of their property. Her husband had a horse barn and he cut pulp wood using horses. No road acid (salt) used there!

           As a young person, the second owner hauled hay in the area to raise some cash and travel to work. He worked on the railroad.

           The truck was last licensed in 1976 and traded at least twice more before my purchase. Never transferred to the owners. It only has 26,000 miles on the odometer.

           Can only imagine the stories this truck has hidden in it's pedigree. So we now know more of the story.

           This past Fall, I came home with this trucks big Brother, a 1934 1-ton. Get ready Mr. Editor, we are soon going to need a 1934 Big Bolt section. As soon as the snow melts and we can open the shed doors, we will send pictures.

Ken Furlong
Bolter # 11473
Durham, Ontario

           Thanks to Gary Long for sending in the old picture for Ken! What a great story. We may need to coin yet another Stovebolt phrase ... "Boltgeneology" ~~ Editor

12 June 2006
# 1559

From Gary:

           Here are some pics of a 1934 Canadian Chev truck. This truck is a Canadian made version and probably spent its life in Ontario. It sat for 10+ years and needed the fuel system cleaned and a new pump. We cleaned up the ignition system and started it and it ran!

           This spring, the engine got an overhaul and now runs A-1, ready for the road. The present owner is Ken Furlong of Durham Ontario.

           I also sent another pic of Ken's '47 and my '47, both being Canadian made.


Gary Long
Bolter # 11046
Clarksburg, Ontario

           Thanks Gary for sending this along. Gary has a Gallery page devoted to his '47 -- what a sweet ride! ~~ Editor

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