Robert Lewis'

1950 Chevy "1-Ton Suburban"

actually a School Bus

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31 August 2005

From Robert: 

       I found my "1-ton Suburban" outside of Laramie, WY several years ago.

       For quite awhile I thought it might be a unique customized vehicle, since GM never made anything other than half-ton Suburban models. Since then, I have come across a couple of others, always painted school bus yellow (sometimes under several layers of other colors). They all have the same factory look about them, and I would very much like to find out what company did the conversion.

       The plan (the work on it has not begun yet) is very much like what I envision for my 1-ton delivery truck. I have another 261 c.i. straight six that has not been rebuilt yet, but it will go in with an Offenhauser dual intake manifold and steel headers. Like the delivery truck, the big Sub will get a more modern rear end with more driveable highway gears.

       I think I will have my hands full with these two projects for some time to come. Unfortunately, I can't start on either one until I finish the 1960 Chevy Brookwood station wagon that I am working on at the moment!

Robert Lewis
Austin, Texas

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