Robert Lewis'

1950 Chevy 1-Ton Delivery Truck

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31 August 2005

From Robert: 


       I purchased this 1-ton delivery truck at the Rosanky, TX swapmeet a couple of years ago. It lived all its active life in San Antonio in the employ of two different moving companies.


       The 235 c.i. straight six that worked when I first bought it, died a slow death. Now I have a rebuilt 261 (bored 40 over, with a Fenton dual intake manifold and Fenton cast iron exhaust headers) ready to put in. Am also going to install a more modern rear end will taller gears for the highway.


       Eventually there will be a pretty thorough restoration, and the plan is to keep it looking basically original but make it a more roadworthy and comfortable driver.

       I also have another interesting vehicle that is waiting in line for restoration. It is what I call my "1-ton Suburban", a 1950 1-ton panel truck that went to a conversion company somewhere and was "Suburbanized" with side windows and seats.



Robert Lewis
Austin, Texas

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